Dust – The enemy of all electronics


Check any cabinet or electronic area in the house and see tons of dust on the walls, shelves and the electronics themselves. Electronics are definitely a magnet for dust, luckily there are many ways to deter it and have a cleaner area.

An added benefit to tackling dust reduction methods around electronics is that they will last much longer. No one wants to invest hundreds of dollars in a television, computer or stereo equipment to kill them in a few years. Dust is the enemy! Approach it as follows.

Regular cleaning

There are a few popular methods for cleaning electronic devices, and they can work very well with other methods, including the cabinet cooling fan, as shown below. These methods include:

Duster – A feather duster is an easy way to remove accumulated dust from electronic devices without damaging them because it is extremely soft.

Wet cloth – A cloth soaked in water is the ideal way to clean the screens and the rest of the component. Just make sure the cloth is wrung out well and the fingerprints and stains will also disappear. Never use cleaning agents unless they specifically state that they are intended for electronics.

Dryer sheet – a drying sheet is an inexpensive way to remove dust from TVs, computer screens and remote controls. These helpful sheets contain trouble-free electronics like clothing. Since static electricity attracts dust particles, rubbing them with the drying sheet will magically repel them!

A cabinet cooling fan

Have you ever wondered why an entertainment center has a huge hole in the back? It is not only to accommodate cords; it’s actually to hold a cooling fan.

A cabinet cooling fan is an absolutely necessary investment for anyone who wants to extend the life of their electronics. They come in different assemblies and are ready to install from the right distributor. They will gently evacuate the dust and keep the electronics cool in order to function optimally.

The number of fans or the size will depend on the number of electronic components operating simultaneously. There is a formula for understanding that any professional can help. Find a trusted online distributor for maximum savings and benefit from durable electronics for years to come.

They can also guide the buyer to the accessories necessary to install the fan and obtain good performance. Some of these extras include brackets, filters, protections and cords. There is even a “green” cord available on the market that can automatically turn off the fan when the cabinet is cooled.

Canned air

Canned air is always nice to have around, and works for more than just cleaning up debris from computer keyboards. It is a great way to thoroughly remove dust from electronic devices. Inexpensive but effective, canned air is presented in a large aerosol can with a tube that attaches to a valve to project air into specified locations.

The air jet quickly cleans up dust and debris. The cans are disposable and cost between $ 5 and $ 10, a small investment to keep an expensive one running longer.

Change household air filters

If you follow all of the tips above to include the cabinet cooling fan and you still see a lot of dust, it may be time to change the household air filters. The home or business HVAC unit where the electronics are kept has filters that need to be changed monthly. This can make a huge difference in the different rooms of the house.

These filters are also quite inexpensive and can be found in home improvement stores around the world. Find the filters and they should be labeled with a size like 25x20x1 for example.

These steps should keep your interior and electronics virtually free from harmful dust year-round.

Source by Johny Brown

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